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Greetings. Allow me to introduce the above company. It is involved in bitcoin mining and other investments.

It gives 15% interest after 24 hours when investing $ 10 to $ 250. 30% interest after 24 hours when investing $ 250 to $ 1000. 50% interest after 24 hours when investing $ 1500 $ 5000 and 70% interest after 24 hours when investing from $ 5,000 to $ 10,000

Earn 5% from investments made by your referrals.

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2) Enter your full name
3) Enter your username you will like to use
4) choose any password you can remember
5) Re-type your password
6) put your receiving bitcoin wallet address
7) Enter your Email address
8) Re-type your Email
9) choose secret question number. Like how old are you
1 Answer secrete question number : I'm 45years old
11) Tick terms and conditions
12) click Register

Follow this steps to make a deposit
1) Log into your account
2) click on this symbol ₿ (Make deposit)
3) Select plan
4) input amount
5) Tick spend
6) click the bitcoin address you see and you will be redirected to your bitcoin wallet
7) then send bitcoin

Follow this steps to withdraw

1)Login to your account
2) click on this symbol ➦ (withdraw)
3)Tick the circle
4) input amount to withdraw
5) click Request
6) confirm withdrawal

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