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    There are a number of explanations for why that's the situation, and they spell out the good things about WoW Classic. People know they're on a single server with the very same folks, and standing has value, if they plan to perform long term. But probably most of all, they provide help because they want help, since the monsters killing men and women are the ones killing them too, and also also the difficulty builds a certain empathy for your fellow person. Or orc.

    This is and players are taking that path. I love WoW, largely, and continue on to play 15 years later with an intensity that perplexes my family and friends. But all its conveniences -- and there are many, including easily soloable quest objectives, instant looking-for-group parties such as dungeons and quests, flying mounts which take you over tough enemies, and more straightforward looting of everything dead about you -- add up to more self-reliance for the individual player, which lowers the need to socialize.

    I really don't group for the majority of quests in modern WoW since I don't have to. If I do, I join a party with LFG, do whatever is necessary by the pursuit, and leave with a quick"thanks," that is likely the only dialogue my group sees. SureI belong to a guild, and we do raid instances, and that I have real-world buddies to play. But the moment-to-moment encounter can be a solitary one, and the game works just fine for players without such social groups.
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