Chinese Curtain Pole Expert -Details Tips For Curtain Rod Selection

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Posted: 12 days ago
1.Wall thickness of pole

In general, manufacturers often use hands and feet to cut materials in order to cut corners. The thinner the wall thickness, the smaller the load-bearing capacity of the pole, and the more prone it is to accidents in the future. Experts suggest that designers should ask the salesperson more when selecting, or remove the decorative head (commonly known as the flower head), and look at the essence through the phenomenon. Generally speaking, the thicker the better.

2. Material of the product

Choose products that are sturdy and durable. Generally speaking, plastic products are susceptible to aging; wooden products are prone to worms and cracks, and heavy curtain cloths are hung for a long time, which is easy to bend and feels awkward when pulling curtains; aluminum products have a single color and aluminum sheath Long and easy to open the glue, poor load bearing performance and resistance to friction; iron products can easily fall off if the surface treatment is improper in the later stage; only pure stainless steel products are really the best among many materials, but the price is expensive .

3. The selection of the bracket is the most important

The domestic real estate is more and more built, but the quality of the rooms really can't be complimented. Thin tofu walls with a lot of soil and little cement abound.

Many families are unable to mount the poles because of the walls, or they are barely mounted but are in danger. Such examples are endless. How to do? The house has already been bought, and if you are not satisfied, you will not be able to push off the heavy cover.

We recommend that you pay more attention to the bracket you choose for your pole.

Generally speaking, the contact surface between the bracket and the wall should be large and hung stably. The length of the gong wire should be suitable for real living and living. Secondly, the experience and technical skill of the installer are also critical.

Many times the installation workers are quick and easy, irresponsible rushing to the wall, leaving a lot of hidden dangers. Lunar Architects suggest that designers are best to invite workers who specialize in the production of curtain rod manufacturers to come and install them. Such products and services are the most secure.

4. Details

When choosing curtain rods, the details cannot be ignored. For example, screws on the curtain rod are unavoidable, but they should not be too prominent, which will affect the overall appearance of the curtain; carefully check the processing technology, such as: whether the surface is brushed, whether the sprayed color is uniform, etc.

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