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It's time to write the final text. Here we call attention to several points.

In this article about academic essay writing from site, we will touch upon the second half of the process.

It's time to write the final text. Here we call attention to several points.


Psychological Types.

People who are writing essays can be divided into two groups. Representatives of the first group can write regularly and gradually, and the issue over and over again quality text, and soaking it in the same style of presentation. Representatives of the second group are all long in themselves, the text as it matures. They often give birth to others talk about different topics, for others not quite clear (in fact this is discussed in the essay). And then sit down and poured all the essays (on paper) on the screen during the day. And that's fine.


Logic. In the essay, as in every product there must be traceable internal logic. It is determined, on the one hand, by the author's approach to the subject under discussion, with another – by the question itself. In addition, to avoid unnecessary transitions from one idea to another, the idea should be developed sequentially.


The structure of the text. Entry forms as a result of a critical understanding of the thesis hypothesis. This may be a favorite aphorism or a group of aphorisms, someone's or your own judgments, evaluation of any fact. Introduction focuses on the problems of the essay, puts the key issues. It bears an indication of the relevance (relevance to modern society) issue of the essay.

The main content of the essay is an analysis of the original thesis-hypothesis, which is impossible without finding any objection, the formulation of opposing points of view, the paradoxical finding solutions, finding examples of journalism, literature, and experiences of their lives.


Thus, the essay takes the ring structure (the number of theses and arguments depends on the theme chosen by the plan, the logic of thought): entry, thesis, arguments, thesis, arguments, thesis, arguments, final.


Style. Strive for an elegant presentation of your thoughts. Do not shun aphoristic.

Then you should be expressed clearly and accurately, phrases and language essays must be sanded and polished.

I recall that the essay, like every job, requires a good design - I mean easy, audibility and accuracy.

We must not forget that the essay inherent emotionality, expressiveness, artistic. Experts believe that the proper effect provide short, simple, varied in tone deals, skillful use of the "most advanced" a punctuation mark - a dash. However, the style reflects the personality traits, this too is useful to remember.


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