Hot Nike Air Force 1 Low Halloween 2021 Will Debut this Fall

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Hot Nike Air Force 1 Low Halloween 2021 Will Debut this Fall

It is expected that Nike Halloween New Air Force 1 is the common denominator of many sneaker advertisements, and today we got the 2021 reveal a few months early. Taking you to break the skull glow interpretation in the dark, Nike decided to add a brand new take on the classic Air Force 1 low, still combining the glow technology in the dark with the ghost Halloween theme performance. Although no leaked images have surfaced, what do we expect from the sneaker model. Wearing black, starfish sails, the upper is expected to arrive in black leather, while having toned owl eyes throughout the upper, glowing in the dark. The inner insole of the sail orange paint, while the sail rubber midsole and orange outsole complete the design.

Air Jordan 35 is inspired by 2020 Jordan Sneaker new high-performance sports shoes "Fear Bag", and is inspired by 2013 Jordan brand bags to create fashionable new shoes. The "Fear Bag" launched in 2013 includes Air Jordan 3 and Air Jordan. 4 and Air Jordan 5. Today, a few years later, this change will appear in the 2021 performance shoe Air Jordan 35. The tone, tongue and sides of the sneakers are made of black mesh, while soft gray suede covers are added to different parts of the shoes, and the padded gray suede ankles add luxury to the sneakers. For the active design, the orange details are to give the accent and the tongue of the trapeze brand. A black rubber midsole, a gray eclipse plate, and a milky white rubber outsole complete the new version.

2021 Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Pink,Nike's revival of Air Max 1 leather began in 1987, and it has finally returned, with more anniversary-style AM1 launched in 2021. This week, we will learn in advance about several color schemes that will be launched this month, including the "Teal" week to be launched next season. In 1987, following the successful debut of the Air Max 1 the previous year, Nike launched an advanced version of a new running shoe that decorated the silhouette of the shoe with a leather structure from the heel to the toe. Since then, Air Max 1 leather has basically not appeared in the brand's products, but occasionally appeared in extremely limited edition projects and special releases. However, as the brand's anniversary celebration for the beloved shoes lasted from 2017 to 2020, there was no sign of oversaturation. AM1 leather returned to the production plan and finally landed on retail shelves in early 2021. So far, the luxury style of this classic shoe has four colors, the latest one is dark green. Like other shoes in this series, this pair of green shoes uses the white and gray color matching design of the Air Max 1 first year model, and the color of the same name appears on the fender and the Swoosh logo and the tongue. On the back lining and Nike brand.