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Boldcashers where by u register with 1550, when u refer, the 1st and2nd person u earn 650, 3rd to infinity person to refer u earn 1150 sh, on Monday, Friday, Wednesday u spin a wheel where u earn from10 bob -450.. In this u can advertise ads and get 30 %commission. Save money and get 30

Easy way to earn online

Charles Muturi 3 days ago

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*✅ whenever member B invites member C you earn 50 (till forever)*

*✅Whenever member C invites member D you earn 30 (till infinity)*

So in as low as 10 direct referrals, you can earn up to *63k*

Every member is guaranteed a free spin daily where you can spin and win up to *2,000* Per day

There is also another spin where you place bet with 20bob ,you multiple the odds that the pointer points with 20 for example x100, that means you won 2000,
This spin you can spin multiple times

*Diamond package*

*How do I activate my affix account?🤔*
Register first clicking the link,and kindly use only *ONE USERNAME*

*Diamond package*

*To activate your account*
Go to mpesa
👉Lipa na M-Pesa
👉Enter business number as *5141891*
👉Enter your username as your account number. (make sure)
👉Enter amount as 500
👉Enter your pin and send.

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Denis Muchira 4 days ago

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Lilian Simiyu 5 days ago

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Mohsherry 7 days ago

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Felix Megwa 5 months ago

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Belden Nyamache 5 months ago

It has really changed the life of youths