How to Look Classy in a Black Leather Jacket

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Leather jackets have been a powerful style statement for many years now. Irrespective of the constant evolution that fashion undergoes, a black leather jacket is a must-have for both men and women. This piece of clothing has never failed to turn heads

Leather jackets are highly versatile and well-loved by all. This one leather garment holds the power to turn your regular attire into a cool, classy, and elegant one.

While this jacket goes well with almost every outfit, you should know how to style this jacket in the best ways possible. There are many different types of black leather jackets and each of these looks equally stunning when worn right. Which one you should wear on a particular occasion depends on the look you are going for. Pair it so that it helps you to transform and enhance your look. To help you out we have put together a few outfits that will guide you to wear your men’s black leather jacket in a classy way. Let’s find out!

Styling Black Leather Jacket in a Classy Way

The key factor to wearing a leather jacket right is to get one that goes with your personality. If you pick out a leather jacket that suits you then you have done the job right. However, stylish and classy, that’s not all. You have to wear your outfit confidently. Style your leatherwear in different ways to achieve a new look every time. This is what will make you stand out in a room full of people. How can you do that? Keep reading!

1.      All Black Look

We’ll start with the basics. Who doesn’t have a black go-to outfit in their wardrobe? There’d be hardly anybody. With our fast-paced life, each one of us has an all-black outfit that we fish out when we do not have any energy to put together a good-looking ensemble. Well, how can you spice up this simple attire? Throw a black leather jacket into the mix. Black is already one of those colors that will make you look bold, confident, and even robust. The best thing about going with black is that almost everyone looks good in it. Therefore, it is the safest option. For a smart look take out a black cotton button-down shirt and wear it with black chinos. Put on a black leather jacket and wear all your accessories in brown and voila! You will look as handsome as ever in a simple black outfit.

2.      The Rugged Boy Look

Every individual, once in a while, wants to head out in casual rugged attire. To pull off the perfect rugged vibe, a black leather jacket is your best friend. This outerwear will help you look more masculine and add strength to your rough and tough look. The longevity of leather jackets is what makes them look good even when old. So even if you are going with your old leather jacket, you don’t have to fear that it will look bad. Another piece of clothing that will complete your attire is ripped jeans. You can combine it with a plain white shirt and your leather jacket to achieve a unique distressed style.

3.      The College Look

Now comes the boyish college look. This is the perfect style for young boys to carry. Not only will you look elegant this way, but if you wear it right you will look super stylish. This one is for those who want to embrace their youthful side. To achieve this look, you can go with either one of the neutrals a brown or a black leather jacket. If it’s cold and you are layering, then go for a button-down with a sweater vest, and then wear your jacket on top. However, if you are going with just a t-shirt, then opt for a graphic one with funky colors. You can also pair it with a hoodie underneath for a more casual look. Wear blue denim jeans or chinos depending on your style. Accessorize your attire with sneakers, sunglasses, and a watch.

4.      The Sport Luxe Look

To get this look you may combine sportswear with your luxurious leather jacket. Here, sportswear doesn’t mean your field uniform. Rather baggy trousers or shorts paired with a shirt. To complete this kind of outfit the best jacket is the black bomber leather jacket. This one will provide you comfort and warmth, all the while vamping up your sporty look. Top off your attire with sneakers and a baseball cap. Usually, these kinds of attires give off a very lazy vibe therefore, it is necessary that you pair it with a luxury item like a leather jacket to enhance your style.

5.      The Semi-formal Look

The semi-formal look has been quite popular for some time now. This look gives you the liberty to experiment with colors and styles. You can try various combinations to reach the one that looks the best on you. Our suggestion for this look is to go with a monochrome button-down shirt with grey trousers. You can opt for either black or white for the shirt as both will look stunning with grey. Go for formal black leather shoes to match the color of your jacket.

Final Note

With this, we come to an end. These were some of the ways to put together a classy black leather jacket outfit. One last styling tip from our side is that do not ever compromise on the quality of the leather jacket. Moreover, always opt for a good-quality, leather jacket for the best look. If you want to get your hands on some premium quality jackets, then head over to our collection at SCIN and get yourself stylish leather outerwear.