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Register | Bold Cashers

Join, if interested DM me Nina offer


Is a company based in Uganda
It has its offices in:
⏩Kenya 🇰🇪
⏩Rwanda 🇷🇼
⏩Germany 🇩🇪
⏩Tanzania 🇹🇿
⏩Uganda 🇺🇬
⏩Burundi 🇧🇮
⏩Nigeria 🇳🇬
⏩Ghana 🇬🇭

At DSH you only need 5 referrals and you can build your team from there

Per person you earn $5 so in total you earn $25 in level one
From this👆👆👆
🌀 $10 is your profit
🌀 $10 is used to upgrade to level 2
🌀 $5 is cash back to your downlines meaning after you upgrade to level 2 your downlines earn $1 each 🥳🥳

*Modes of payment*
👉Mobile money(Africa)
👉Visa/Master card
👉Bank wire

*Advantages of DSH*
🎯Its global
🎯Only need 5 downlines
🎯Very affordable at $5
🎯Get services such as pay for your TV subscription, buy airtime from your balance
🎯Earn as your upline earns 💸
🎯You can open multiple accounts
🎯Minimum withdrawal is just $2

So what's stopping you from joining DSH 🤷‍♀️😊
Come let's chase these dollars 🥳🥳🥳

*If Interested in DSH just come find me in my inbox* 🥳🥳

~*Remember let your money work for you*~
Whatsapp +254716134783


🔖Activate with 500/=.
🔖 Referrals In Three Levels Of Earning:~
Level 1. When I invite A, I earn 300/=.
Level 2. When A invites B , I earn 100/=.
Level 3. When B invites C , I earn 50/=.
🌟New user spin
Every new user is given two spins as soon a they join
🌟Free Spins for everyone,Done On~ (Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.) from 80~90 pm.
🌟Casino spin
You place a bet of only ksh.20 and spin as many times as you want,available 24/

*use my link below👇👇*

🔖There is also bonus for each member.
🔖You can also earn by downloading e-books from the Earnsmart's site.


Cash back fee 200 join and whatsapp me on 0759770845

Are you broke!!!!
Worry no more pesalife is here to change your life...
For basic package is 800/-
Star package at 1600/-
Platinum package at 4800/-
We earn through many ways:
2. referrals
3. Spin wheel
If interested inbox for more information...


1550 registration fee